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New Groundbreaking Evidence Reveals How Losing Weight, Boosting Energy And Reducing Antibodies Is Directly Related To Childhood Trauma And Chronic Stress

Hey, Autoimmune Friend! 

Do you feel like.... 

 You've be doing all “the right things” and yet it feels like an uphill battle to see results? 

 You’re applying every diet under the sun (hello, AIP) and nothing seems to work?

 You're spending boatloads of money on tests and supplements that seem to disappoint and get you nowhere in your journey?

 You're constantly frustrated after working with practitioners and doctors who give you protocols that either don’t work or partially work?

 No matter what you do, the weight seems to stick to your body like glue and things you use to do to lose weight are no longer working?

If so, then I want you to know I hear you loud and clear.

New Surprising Studies Are Now Showing The Relationship Between Hormones And Your Weight Loss Journey

See, everyone haves you believe that weight loss is simple - just eat less and exercise more. 

Unfortunately when you are dealing with an autoimmune disease, it’s not that simple simply because it doesn’t take into account the relationship those calories have with your metabolism, which is directly affected by your hormone balance.

Meaning, imbalanced hormones create an out-of-whack metabolism negating your ability to efficiently absorb or use energy (calories). The result?

 Holding onto stored body fat


 Crazy mood swings


 Mental exhaustion or brain fog

So, what is this “crucial hormone” that I'm referring to? Cortisol.

See, cortisol isn’t a bad thing. However, too much of it can be disastrous for your body. Which means that you need to learn to manage it in order to ensure you hit our goals. So then the question becomes: what triggers the release of cortisol in the body?

Conscious and unconscious stress.

Yes, you heard it - both CONSCIOUS and UNCONSCIOUS stress. Here’s a visual to show you where stress and trauma can come from:

Now, you might say "I don't have stress" or "I don't have trauma." If you experienced any hardship during the pandemic or the year 2020, your body is probably holding on to stress. 

What you’re about to read just may be one of the most eye opening things you will discover.

TRSS: Trauma Related Subconscious Stress

Now what is TRSS? In short, it’s the deep stress trapped in your nervous system that’s associated with a really difficult season in life.

Nearly 100% of my clients mentioned that their symptoms began around the time when:

 They lost their innocence due to emotional, physical or sexual abuse

 They lost a loved one and deeply mourned the death of that loved one

 They lost a business and were struggling financially

 They lost a marriage or ended an extremely unhealthy relationship

The emotional pain associated with the event or series of events was so deep and challenging, that the pain began to compound and have negative biological repercussions (i.e. autoimmune disease symptoms).

Funny enough, my clients coping mechanism to not dealing with the trauma was through becoming “a successful superwomen."

Meaning their drive for achievement, their “perfectionist tendency”, their Type-A workaholic personality, their success and drive as a mom, career woman or businesswoman was unconsciously connected to the pain they were holding onto.

The result? 

...A body that turns on itself...

See, here’s how trauma works...

Whether it’s a severe childhood trauma, going through a divorce or dealing with the stress of daily life, they are all capable of driving your autoimmune disease.

These experiences can elicit strong emotions (e.g. unworthiness, inadequacy, shame, fear, anger, guilt, etc.) that shapes your mindset as an adult (e.g. “I need to work hard,” “I need to make sure everything is organized and under control,” “I want to make sure everyone is happy.”).

These belief systems encourage unhelpful behaviors that are very stressful and harmful to the body. 

When combined with unhealed emotional pain, it keeps the body “stuck”. The body quite literally begins to go into attack mode as a biological response to the trauma you’ve lived with.

In fact The US National Library of Medicine showed a study that reveals how chronic stress is built from unresolved and hidden childhood trauma which leads to the likelihood of developing an autoimmune disease years into adulthood.  

Other research on this topic shows that not only is chronic stress from trauma a major risk factor for developing autoimmune disease, but also that individuals with autoimmune disease appear to have difficulty down-regulating their immune responses after exposure to stressors.

Simply put, your immune system gets really weak through trauma, making your body vulnerable to inflammation.

The result: Autoimmune Disease 

Do you have a Type-A personality?

There is even evidence showing that people with strong Type A personality types characterized by seeking control and organization, a successful career, a need for personal fulfillment, have a competitive drive and a natural proclivity to impatience have a greater stress response, and have an increased sensitivity to external stress. 

Studies show that these types of people are more prone to autoimmune diseases. In essence, your symptoms are prone to dramatically worsen due to these greater stress responses. 

Interestingly enough, most (if not all) my clients are type A driven individuals. As we dissected things together, we discovered that a lot of their drive was a coping mechanism to deal with the emotional pain they were feeling.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Why is a guy like me so committed to helping women with autoimmune disease and even trauma? Let me introduce myself...

My name is Justin Janoska, I’m the founder of The Autoimmune Revolution. 

This all started because of my mom.

The Heartbreaking News:
My Mom Was Diagnosed With Hashimoto's…

I was shattered. Seeing my mom go through the struggles she faced pushed me to absolute obsession. I researched for hours on end. I decided there was no way in hell I was just going to watch my mom suffer and get little to no resolution from the pills her doc prescribed her.

But one day it clicked. I realized that my mom had been living with chronic stress for years. This had a huge role in her development of Hashimoto's. But, then I had another revelation. When I was 7 years old...

 I was diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome 

It occurred to me that my mom's unhealed childhood trauma, and emotional stress during her pregnancy with me played a role in my mental health illness. There is no blame or judgement here; however, it illustrates the impact trauma has on not just one's own health, but on other people. 

This is why addressing trauma is so important to me. I witnessed it. It impacted me.

Thankfully, I have recovered. With my support, my mom has healed her wounds was was able to overcome a debilitating autoimmune disease that doctors were unable to do.

My Mom's Hashimoto's Story

Safe to say, this means dealing with your stress and trauma needs to be at the forefront of your mind in order to see real and lasting results in your body.

After talking to hundreds of women with autoimmune disease over the years about their struggles, I realized this was an epidemic…

Women are suffering in silence with these wounds issues and I want to help make sure you have a solution. 

Which is why I created a self-guided trauma healing course...

Illuminating Darkness And Transforming Traumatic Pain:
The Path To Mind-Body Freedom

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  Strategies to heal shame, anxiety, fear, resentment, grief, unworthiness, and low self-worth

 The simple steps my clients use to embrace self-love and self-acceptance

 Find out the most powerful healing tool designed to relieve mental stress and give you lasting joy, peace and fulfillment

 Techniques to heal emotional wounds and pain

 My re-frame formula to shifting the stories you tell about yourself to create self-love and confidence in your mind and heart

And so much more!

What's Included....

 12 modules and 8+ hours of video material teaching you the strategies to healing trauma  

Module 1:   Understanding How Trauma Affects You
Module 2:   Making A Choice To Face Pain
Module 3:   Pain Is Your Teacher
Module 4:   The Healing Journey Begins 
Module 5:   How To Be With Pain
Module 6:   Healing The Wounded Child

Module 7:   Your Inner Advisor 

Module 8:   Who Is Speaking?
Module 9:   The Practice of Healing Shame 
Module 10:  The Power of Forgiveness 

Module 11:   Cultivating Joy
Module 12:   Embracing Self-Love

 Year long access to the membership portal 

  Weekly assignments and reflections to support your healing process

  Downloadable meditation recordings

 Access to the private Facebook group for extra support and guidance

 Exclusive live trainings 

    Now, to be honest with you… I could easily charge thousands for this because it's so transformative. 

    However, I want to doing something special for you. For the next batch of women who jump on this opportunity before January 7th I will give it to you for…



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    Here's how it works…

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    3) Start regulating your stress, healing your trauma and creating a lasting transformation!

    Imagine if you could…

    • You can truly create emotional healing from your past?
    • ​You could build your business or career without feeling exhausted daily?
    • ​You didn’t have to live with endless levels of anxiety?
    • ​You could get a good night's sleep without waking up multiple times throughout the night?
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    • ​You could feel like your body is no longer turning on itself?

    Well, the good news is, you don’t have to simply imagine it... 
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    Join now before the discount ends!

    Now, you don’t have to take my word for it. I have clients that have seen amazing results with their autoimmune disease when regulating their stress and healing their traumas.

    Here’s what people have said when working with me:

    “But I’m spending so much time and money on doctors,
    healers and supplements”

    Listen, I hear you. There’s thousands of options you have. Making it difficult to choose which one is right for you.

    Plus, it’s a lot of money invested already. I get it.

    But what if you didn’t have to guess what will work for you?

    What if you knew the exact steps to take and when to take it? See, healing your mind and emotions is a systematic process. Which requires someone guiding you on what steps to take and when those steps need to be taken. Meaning that taking the RIGHT STEP at the WRONG TIME can be just as bad as taking the WRONG STEP as a whole.

    Even worse sometimes.

    Which is why this course is key. I give you the steps and processes to apply along with the TIMING of which to act on those processes. Which is extremely transformational.

    Stop guessing. Stop “figuring out” which healing model works for you. Start getting the support you need to gain certainty and confidence in your healing journey.

    Now, here’s the thing...

    Integrity is a huge thing for me. I want you to see a real result with your mind and body. 

    Which is why if you sign up today and in 14 days you’re not…

     Blown away by the content you learn

     Impacted by the trainings in the course 

     Learning genuine strategies that actually support you

     Satisfied with the level of support I'm providing you

    I will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked. 

    That’s how serious I am about seeing transformation in your life. This is a zero risk opportunity for you! Either I support you in experiencing lasting transformation in your mind and body, or you get 100% of your money back...no questions asked!

    I am so proud and excited to see you take the leap and create a real and lasting transformation in your mind, body and life!

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