PCOS Powerhouse

What is PCOS Powerhouse?

PCOS Powerhouse was our most popular program for 2019! The program is designed to teach you how to heal and reverse your PCOS naturally and permanently

“Curing” PCOS is a misnomer. Since it is a lifestyle driven syndrome, the goal is to manage and control it so it doesn’t control you any longer. This program has generated many successful case studies of women who have done that.

The program is for at least 12 weeks, but can be up to 24 weeks depending on your needs. The reason why we do this is because some women are able to get great results in a short amount of time. For others who have been sick with PCOS or have an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s with it, it usually takes more time. That’s okay! It just means you body needs it and it requires patience on your part.

The way we get you results is through a simple 4 step process:

1) Identify

PCOS is a multifactorial and multisystem disorder underpinned by genetic, endocrine, metabolic, and environmental factors, which means there’s a lot going on and how that looks for you is going to be uniquely different from someone else. We begin by exploring what these underlying root causes. Pretend it’s like a combination lock to a safe. If you have been dealing with miscarriages or failed pregnancies, we need to investigate your life, health and determine what is responsible for causing it. 

Trust us, we’ve seen a lot of things - it’s not a mystery.

Once we find the right set of numbers to unlock the safe, then you become symptom-free and can get pregnant. Fortunately, we’ve had tons of women come through the program with the goal of pregnancy and have been able to make it happen.

2) Blueprint

As you go through the PCOS modules and learn about these root causes that you could potentially be responsible for your, we will give you a customized, easy to follow blueprint with actionable steps to address these root causes.

For example, when you go through module 9, you will learn about gut health and the microbiota. 

When you join the ZOOM call we will show you what to do if you are dealing with small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, Candida, and other pathogens that could be causing your fatigue, weight gain, depression or inability to get/stay pregnant.

Each week we will discuss what you learned in the latest module and see if there’s anything new to add to your own protocol or make changes.

 By the time you leave the program you will have a deep understating and intuitive wisdom on what you need to do to continue to heal and STAY healed.

This is NOT a 12-24 week fix. We are teaching things you must do to stay in remission and keep symptoms at bay. This is about creating your own ultimate PCOS game plan for life long maintenance. 

3) Biography

Your disease tells you a story not just about your cells, but of yourself.

You didn’t get PCOS overnight of course, so the pressing question is, “how did you get here?” This is actually the most important part of the program.

Your history gives clues as to how you developed the disease as well as what your root causes may be.

Think about this as a bucket of water. Over the years you accumulated all sorts of different things that creating the hormonal abnormalities that are driving your symptoms - gut bacteria imbalances, hormonal birth control (ironically), antibiotics, stress, chronic dieting, high past exposure to environmental estrogens, etc.

Symptoms started to surface and they may have gotten exponentially worse. The water in the bucket rises higher and higher, and then suddenly it overspills - this is where you reach a greater severity of symptoms.

We need to see how that bucket filled up!

4) Reframe

The last part revolves around simply making sure that you follow the system, and help you realize what’s possible so you can heal long-term and stay healed. A lot of women in PCOS Powerhouse have had the condition for 5, 10, 15+ years and they understand that results is not linear - there will be peaks and valleys.

That’s normal and nothing to stress out about!

So, if you find yourself having a bad day, just remember nothing is lost. It’s part of the journey! We will make sure that you stay on track mentally so you can continue to reach that dream life you want!

What is included?

  • Lifetime access to the membership site that contains video modules on everything you need to know about PCOS.
  • 1 Weekly ZOOM call. This is a coaching call that’s intended to give you a safe space to be heard, communicate your struggles - emotionally or physically - and be given new strategies to address the problems. We will also troubleshoot, refine and adjust what you’re doing to keep the ball rolling in your healing journey.
  • 24/7 Support. We are available to support you at anytime during the program. Just post in the private Facebook group and we got you covered right away!
  • ​​Private Facebook group for continued support, notifications and new information . You will have access to it even after the program ends because we want to hear from you and make sure you are in good shape!
  • Discounted pharmaceutical grade supplements. Supplements are not included, but we will discuss with you what you're currently taking and if you need anything in addition. In our experience, most clients take too many and don't need nearly as much. Supplements are necessary at times, but the truth is you can't supplement your way out of PCOS.
  • ​Lab testing interpretation and guided interventions. Lab testing is not covered in the program, but what we have found is that it's rarely ever needed. Ultimately, we'll discuss with you about whether or not additional lab testing is appropriate for you. If you are in agreement then we will make it happen, but you are NOT obligated to order labs.

Who is this program for?

Are you someone who...
 Has received the same advice over and over again from doctors?
 Has been given nothing but medications like birth control, Metformin or Spironolactone?
 Has been told to lose weight to control your PCOS better? (but can’t lose weight no matter what you do)
 Has had one or more failed pregnancies after trying IVF or Clomiphene?
 Feel defeated and depressed after having one or more miscarriages?
 Feels frustrated because you know you can fix this, but nothing has worked?
 Has felt stuck for many, many years and needs a solution as soon as possible?
If you said “YES” to to any of those, then this program is absolutely for you.
 We hear you loud and clear. All of our clients have experienced the same sort of challenges with doctors as you have. 
 You want to feel heard
 You want to be taken seriously
 You want a final solution once and for all
PCOS Powerhouse was created to give you those needs when doctors and conventional medicine has let you down.
“What if I have none of the traditional PCOS symptoms except just an irregular period?”
Cool! Truth be told, sometimes it can be due to post-birth control syndrome. The give away is that if you lost your period after stopping hormonal birth control BUT also have menstrual irregularities in the past before you were on birth control, there’s a fair chance you have PCOS.

A lot of women don’t realize they have PCOS because their doctors misdiagnose them. We can help explore that with you to see if you may have it and if we can support you further. 
“What if I have a normal mensural cycle, but only have just some of the classic PCOS symptoms?” 
That does happen sometimes and is a good sign; however, having some evidence of hair growth, hair loss, fatigue, depression, acne or weight gain justifies taking action immediately because believe it or not, PCOS affects the body as a whole and wrecks havoc inside silently.
“What if I have PCOS symptoms, but I’m not looking to get pregnant?”
We have plenty of women who don’t have pregnancy as a goal, but they still understand that their body is screaming for help. If you have a very hard time losing weight no matter what you do, struggle with hair growth, hair loss, acne, depression or fatigue, then that’s all representative of PCOS. 
“What if I have PCOS, but also know or think I have an autoimmune disease, like Hashimoto’s?”
We actually have multiple clients who have both PCOS and autoimmunity. Hashimoto’s and PCOS together is the most common pairing we find in women. The good news is that we can tackle both simultaneously and you would be a candidate for both PCOS Powerhouse and Thyroid Revive.

In a nutshell, PCOS Powerhouse is for you if you are tired of feeling sick and tired, you want to feel amazing in your skin again, be able to fit into your old clothes again, want to have energy to get things done, and possibly even get pregnant or maintain pregnancy when conventional medicine hasn’t worked for you.

What are the benefits?

To put it simply, if you enroll into PCOS Powerhouse, you will receive the results you have been searching for. 

  • Reaching your ideal weight goal or appearance
  • ​More energy
  • ​Fitting into your old clothes again
  • ​Renewed self-confidence
  • ​Better mood
  • ​Clear and radiant skin
  • ​Restoration of your menstrual cycle 
  • ​Higher chance of getting pregnant and maintaining it
Everything is connected.

Once you see improvement in one weak area of your health, improvements in others follow. We look for the domino effect and that will happen for you when we help mend the weak links in your chain.

However, we want to remind you that this is not simply a matter of giving you a “to-do” list to follow for the duration for the program. You must show up and “put your toe in the water” with us.

Meaning, you need to be fully engaged with us on the calls, communicate openly and be willing to explore new territories. 

When you are an active participant in the program, you will also discover that your PCOS is really a source of meaning, healing and growth.

What can I learn from this?
What opportunities are here with my PCOS for self-improvement?
How can I use this experience to serve others?

That is what makes for an incredible transformation!
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