***Watching the video above is VERY important in order to understand how our process is different***

Frequently Asked Questions

What I’m doing now is sort of working - should I just continue on with my current treatment?

Well, if “sort of” being well and achieving balance in your life is good enough for you, then sure. Don’t change a thing. We can only work with a limited number of people at a time, and we prefer to work with those who are both ready and willing to do the work, and become engaged in transforming their lives for the better. We're not a “sort of” practitioner, and we don’t want to work with clients who are okay with only being “sort of” okay.

What does your process look like? How is it different?

We recommend watching the video above to fully understand it better. However, the condensed explanation is this.

There are 3 pillars we look at when we work with clients:

The biology, psychology and biography. Most people, to no fault of their own, only get exposed to the biology [e.g. medications, supplements, detoxes, diet, exercise, etc], and solely relying on that is inadequate to get results. As we say, “you can’t diet, supplement and medicate your way out of autoimmune disease or PCOS.”  Most are also missing 2/3s of the solution - biography and psychology.

What we have found in this program is that when all three of these areas are addressed together, the real and lasting healing begins. It provides an opportunity to explore and find all the “weak links in the chain” - the pieces of the puzzle that are needed. We are essentially taking away the guessing and feelings of being stuck not knowing where to turn next.

By addressing the psychology and behavioral side of things, while exploring the biography/life timeline, we have found that a lot of clients have unresolved trauma, emotional stress, and pockets of pain they don’t know about, which is why we include these pillars. It’s hard to work with people’s bodies and not know what is in their heart, mind and spirit that is in pain. Implementing this method of exploration doesn’t mean you have this trauma or need to have it to benefit, but it's crucial to rule it out and take a look before we dismiss a psychological root cause.

The goal of the program is to Identify ALL root causes (biological, psychological and biographical) and explore modalities that are bio-individual and unlock each clients health “combination lock number.” There's one-on-one and group programs available.

There are also 5 Autoimmune Revolution prerequisites that we have found are necessary in order to get the best results possible.

How much is it?

Totally happy to discuss that with you! Honestly, one of the things is we actually don’t discuss pricing with anyone until we're 100% clear on where you are, if we can help you and if you’d be an excellent fit. Pricing will vary depending on what program suits you best as well. Once all of that that has been established, then we can get into the investment on consultation call. Sound good? 

If it’s expensive, is there a cheaper option?

We do one-on-one and groups, and both are an investment of money and time and energy. We do have multiple payment options available that make it more feasible and we are happy to discuss that with you to see if we can come to an arrangement that suits your budget and your timeline.

Do you work with people outside of the United States?

Yes, absolutely. We currently work with clients all over the world. We have worked with people in the UK, The Middle East, Canada, Sweden, South Africa, and South America.

What conditions do you work with? Is it just autoimmune disease and PCOS?

We receive a lot of applications from people who have autoimmune disease and PCOS, which is why we specialize in those; however, it is not limited to just those two conditions. The team has a lot of experience working with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, OCD, trauma, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, IBS, to name a few. For the comprehensive list, please CLICK HERE.

What’s your success rate?

If we determine we can help you, we are 100% confident in that decision based around our previous experience. We are also 100% confident we can help you ONLY if you are 100% committed, invested mentally, and an action taker. This is a 2-way street. Our experience tells us that our clients get the results they want when they show up for themselves and put in the work. You must do the same if you want the best results possible. 

My spouse isn’t supportive. Will you convince he/she?

The short answer on this is no. If your spouse isn’t invested in your health and wellbeing, there's probably deeper relationship issues for you and we simply can’t help you with that. What we CAN do is support you in improving your health and wellness, and when you’re ready to move forward, we would love to have the opportunity to talk with you!
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